Oakland Raiders Expose Kansas City: Raiders Dominant, Chiefs a Paper Tiger

On the strength of stellar performances by Michael Bush and the offensive line, the Oakland Raiders exposed Matt Cassel and the Kansas City Chiefs for what they really are—overrated.

The game started out competitively, but in the end, the Chiefs had no answer for Raiders' defensive line—despite Oakland playing without Pro Bowler Richard Seymour.

This game proved several things for the Raiders. It justified the trade for Jason Campbell, it highlighted that the Raider defense is greatly improved and it showed Raider Nation that there is reason for hope in the future.

This game also did one of three things for the Chiefs...

1.  Gave them motivation. This could serve as a wake up call for the Chiefs heading into the playoffs.

2.  Exposed them as being overrated. The fact is, Kansas City has only beaten two teams with winning records. (Chargers and Jaguars)

3.  Set a blueprint for how to beat the Chiefs at home. I'm sure the Baltimore Ravens' coaching staff will learn quite a bit from this dismantling.

Whatever the case, Raider Nation has some bragging rights as the Raiders complete the division sweep, becoming the first team since the AFL/NFL merger to sweep their division and not make the playoffs. (But the 7-9 Seahawks are in?)

More importantly, Oakland fans have good things to look forward to in 2011. (Assuming there is a new collective bargaining agreement before too long.)

Let's have a look at who shined and how the Raiders got it done in the hostile environment of Arrowhead stadium.

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