Oakland Raiders: Expecting a Resurrection of Prominence and Great Statistics

In order to rise up, a team or person has to fall down. Getting up again is the joy in the life of some folks.

On this Sunday, millions are remembering the event that opened the door for all who believe to rise above circumstances often imposed on us by our own volition, to chose good or the negation of good. As I tell my students, if there is a proposition p, then there is always a ~p, which stands for the negation of p. 

There are many retired NFL players who have taken hold of their retirement years and have risen above some very powerful challenges. I heard, last night, that the famous W. K. Hicks, who often played against the prototype Oakland Raiders' wide receiver, Warren Wells, works at a major hotel in the Houston area. He and others like him have found a way to continue a career after an illustrious career in football.

Another one of Well's teammates during college is a prosperous owner of restaurants. His name is Winston Hill, and he played with the New York Jets. He, too, has enjoyed a stable and prosperous life after football.

Today's celebration around the world remembers a life after death, which can be broadened to mean rising above any deadly situation and returning to a productive and joyous state. Everyone has an opportunity for redemption. So does every team, like the Oakland Raiders.

Legal problems can cause the "death" of an NFL player. Emotional problems and drug use can cause a "death." False allegations can cause a "death" during and after football.

One thing we know is that there can be life after any of these "deaths" if we have the precepts in our hearts and minds that give us hope, after "death."

Where are these precepts taught to some of us? In John 3:16.

Search it out for yourself and use your volition to make a choice. Yes, there can be a good life, after the challenges and social dilemmas o...

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