Oakland Raiders: Expected Matt Leinart Signing Is a Great Move

The Oakland Raiders are in desperate need of a backup QB, and there is not a better fit for that spot than Matt Leinart. 

Both parties seem to be fully aware of this as ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that league sources tell him the Heisman trophy winning QB will visit the Raiders next week, and he is expected to sign a contract.

The move makes sense for many reasons. The first and most glaring is that the Raiders need a backup QB. As it is now, second-year QB Terrelle Pryor is the backup. 

And Pryor is not ready to be a snap away from taking over signal-calling duties. This is a player who missed significant practice time last year while serving a six-game suspension, and he came to the Raiders from a college spread offense. 

Combine that with the fact that the Raiders will be running a new offense this year, and Pryor has a steep learning curve. 

The Raiders are also acutely aware of the value of having a decent backup. They have to be. That fact has been slapping them in the face as they idly watched the first round of the draft unfold.

The reason they didn't have a pick was due to the Carson Palmer trade that was made last year when it was painfully obvious that the team would not be able to compete with Kyle Boller taking over for the injured Jason Campbell. 

The other reason this move makes sense is that the Raiders' new offensive coordinator, Greg Knapp, was Leinart's quarterbacks coach with the Texans last season, which should ensure Leinart has a solid feel for the offense the Raiders are installing. 

This is a solid move anyway you look at it, and especially considering that there are few other free agent options available at this point ,and the Raiders didn't have a draft pick high enough to bring in anyone they could reasonably expect to be ready to play this year. 

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