Oakland Raiders Expectations of Jason Campbell Are Too High

The Oakland Raiders acquired quarterback Jason Campbell from the Washington Redskins on Saturday, during the draft weekend, for a 4th round draft pick in 2012. 


Jason Campbell may be an upgrade for the struggling Raiders franchise, but the expectations and hopes should be kept under control in Oakland because Jason Campbell is far from the savior that will save the bay area franchise.


Although Campbell is definitely serviceable and is clearly a big step up from draft bust Jamarcus Russell, he in no way is going to be the leader or difference maker on the offensive side of the ball for the Raiders.


In fact, don’t count on Jason Campbell being that big of an improvement over part-time starter Bruce Gradkowski. Campbell does have the physical tools and arm strength to be a great NFL quarterback, but he has just never put it all together.


Campbell started 52 games with the Redskins compiling a measly 20-32 record.


Campbell was dealt a tough hand in Washington. He was forced to switch offenses basically every season with the Washington Redskins, but he did show statistical progression as his statistics have improved every season.


Campbell deserves the most credit is his professionalism off the field.


He has withstood controversies off the field about being replaced by Jay Cutler and didn’t slip with any negative comments and continued to play his game. Campbell also managed to take the high road when his leadership was called into question through the media.


Some say a lot of the fault for Campbell never living up to his first round draft spot lies in the hands of the Washington Redskins franchise, but this is letting Campbell off the hook rather easily.


Yes, the Redskins had...

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