Oakland Raiders: Every Dawg Has His Day

So much attention is being spent on the quarterback position with the Oakland Raiders. Let's change up a bit and spend some time looking at the cornerbacks. 

The reports even tally the tardies of those who may be late to practice. Some say that JaMarcus Russell has not reported to practice at this time. The question is, will Russell come up to par and give us his best performance in 2010?

When some of these young men were in high school, three tardies were counted as one absence.

In college, most professors don't have time to count tardies. Some professors go so far as to lock their classroom door so that those who are tardy will not interrupt their class.

Will the coaches "lock the door" on Russell? After all, he seems to be tardy (in more than one way).

Accommodations for special situations make sense in some cases. This is professional football, and professional behaviors are expected for each and every one of the players. Is this too much to ask? I don't think so.

Let's take a look at the cornerbacks. They deserve attention, too.

Here are some facts about the four cornerbacks on the roster for 2010.


Position: DB Chris Johnson   Height: 6-0    Weight: 198 lbs.   Born: September 25, 1979 in Gladewater, TX College: Louisville                           Position: DB Stanford Routt   Height: 6-1    Weight: 195 lbs.   Born: July 23, 1983 in Austin, TX   College: Houston                 Position: WR Jonathan Holland   Height: 6-0    Weight: 191 lbs.   Born: February 18, 1985 in Monroe, LA College: Louisiana Tech               Position: DB Asomugha   ...

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