Oakland Raiders: Enough is Enough, So Break These Patterns to Get Out of a Dump

Sound the siren. Make a noise.

One student asked how I was able to find these patterns that raise concern about the performance of the Oakland Raiders. I look at the data from a lot of angles and the patterns become apparent.

Do I know what I am going to come up with? No. I just keep looking and hoping someone else is looking as well.

When I discovered last night that for the first four games of the regular season the pattern for 2008, 2009, and 2010 is exactly the same, I knew that something was amiss.

It could be a state of mind. It could be the coaching. It could be the offensive line.

Whatever it is, please get it straightened out, and do it fast.

By golly, get it right.

Well, look at it carefully.

It did not take long to sit Jason Campbell down on the bench. Who else needs to be seated on that bench?

It did not take long to decide that JaMarcus Russell was the problem. Now, as you look at the constant pattern for the first four games of each season, are you certain that JR was the real problem?

Can you here the sirens sounding? There is a problem lurking and it needs to be fixed.

Who can fix it?

Go Raiders!

2008   L W L L 2009   L W L L 2010   L W L L  

There are no sacred cows. Whoever or whatever needs to be changed, must be changed.



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