Oakland Raiders Emerge from the Depths of Despair as a Team of the Future

The Raiders are a very young team with the potential to win multiple Super Bowls in the coming years.

The defense has some special players that have already shown that they are going to be in the league for a while; players that will lead to a dominant defense for years to come.

First off is Rolando McClain. McClain will be our Ray Lewis. A stalwart MLB is key to the success of a defense. He is the QB of the defense. He will make players think twice about running up the middle lest they get the wrath of McClain.

Kamerion Wimbley is an amazing pass-rusher who can line up at DE or at OLB. His versatility makes it difficult to plan for him. He is a devastating tackler who has the speed and strength to get to the QB or to stop the RB behind the line of scrimmage when he decides to go outside.

Lamarr Houston—a DT when he left Texas who has lined up at DE—is very good at getting pressure on the QB as well as opening holes for the linebackers. He has been working with future Hall of Famer Richard Seymour who won multiple championships with the New England Patriots.

Matt Shaughnessy is another young defensive end who has all the physical tools to become a great DE. He played well in his rookie season and has continued to get better with more playing time. He obviously watched Seymour last season as he has two sacks thus far this season. Along with Houston, Shaughnessy will rush the quarterback and help the Raiders be among the leaders in sacks for years to come.

Last year was Tyvon Branch's coming out party as he had 124 tackles to lead SS. He is very good in coverage and a devastating hitter who makes WRs reconsider going over the middle.

Michael Huff was a first-round pick in 2006 and has taken time to develop. Last season teams barley threw against the Raiders because the run defense was so atrocious that they could run all over them. Huff is very good in coverage mainly becau...

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