Oakland Raiders Draft: Top Ten Contenders for the Number 8 Pick

It's an odd year to be at number eight in the first round. There is a clear cut top six players, but after that things are far more difficult to predict and the who thing gets quite clouded You could pick a player at eight who could still be there at twenty, or even twenty eight. Fans will be hopeful, having heard Tom Cable speak yesterday about 'line of scrimmage issues' on both sides of the ball, and about the offensive line especially, that the Raiders will go in that direction. But if so, when? It might not be in the first round at all. Al Davis and the Raiders also love to put out misinformation, so the whole thing could just be a smokescreen for something, or somebody else. I really don't remember a year when there were just so many possibilities for a team at number eight, in that you could name ten players who all have a fair chance of being drafted at that spot. Usually it's three or four. I have tried to take into account not just the players that I think are likely prospects, but those being projected on mock draft boards too. So here we go with the top ten. Begin Slideshow


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