Oakland Raiders Draft Preview: How Al Davis Should Approach the Team’s Future

Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders are about to be at it again.

Yesterday, the Raiders ended their season on a sour note as expected. For the past seven years, nothing has seemed to make a difference, and the fans are screaming for help.

In general, a small improvement in some spots on offense was shown for the young receivers and running backs.

Many things have happened in the past several months that have at least shown where the Raiders really can use improvement and who needs to stay away.

Although the defense did not establish itself well in many games, it found ways to grow with veterans like Richard Seymour and Greg Ellis. These two established themselves as leaders and made a big impact on the younger defensive players.

Now as the season has ended for the Raiders, it is time to look at the positives, learn from the negatives, and to determine how to improve for next season.

Recognizing the holes the team needs to fix will be important for Raider Nation. A new (and improved) quarterback or offensive lineman would be a big plus. This will mainly be done by selecting specific needs through free agency and the draft class of 2010.

The first steps Davis might take may be dropping the coaching staff, replacing it with a more suitable group. That would start with Tom Cable, the current head coach.

Here is a general first-round overview of the Raiders' draft after the majority of the bowl games have concluded.

In the first round, Davis and Co. can go in multiple directions. I think they actually get it right this time, though, and fill in the hole on the offensive line instead of grabbing a quarterback.

We all know what happened the last time Davis took a quarterback from the SEC. Though, if Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen slip to the eighth spot, there is no telling what Davis may do. Therefore, Tim Tebow most likely won’t be intriguing to Davi...

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