Oakland Raiders Draft Picks Have a Bright Future, Is Al Davis a Genius?

Al Davis is a football genius. He is one of the few men in the history of the NFL to change the game and help make it what it is today.

The team that he built in his image has had a rough decade in the 2000's despite making it to another Super Bowl early on in 2002.

The media likes to come down hard on Davis, mainly because he doesn't like to let the media into his organization.

Truth is as time passes, everyone will forget about all these reporters and players who like to mock Mr. Davis, but he will forever be an important piece of NFL history.

He has a small circle of trust, and the media doesn't have many sources that can leak out info on the Raiders.

Times have changed, but Davis hasn't changed much. In an era where we love to talk more about football gossip than we do about X's and O's, Mr. Davis refuses to let the media into his world.

You'll never see reporters like Ed Werder breaking stories about fights in the locker room, or who is mad at who and who slept with whose girlfriend in Oakland.

Most recently the media and "draft experts" have loved to ridicule a lot of the Al Davis draft picks that the Raiders have drafted in recent years.

If you look at the overall body of work that Davis and the Raiders have done in recent drafts, the outlook is very good.

Let's take a look at 10 recent draft picks that will help bring back the glory to a storied franchise.

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