Oakland Raiders Draft Day: With Al Davis in Charge, What Could Go Wrong?

As the 2010 NFL draft approaches, many Oakland Raider fans find themselves wondering, "what is Al Davis going to do to mess things up this year?" Darius Heyward-Bey and Darren McFadden are first round picks that have been criticized, but no one really knows if they are "busts" or not; it's too soon to tell. JaMarcus Russell, on the other hand... Davis' late round choices have actually been pretty superb. Louis Murphy, Michael Bush, Tyvon Branch, and Trevor Scott were all late round picks that have been very productive and are proving to be really good players. So, what are the best and worst case scenarios for the Raiders in the first round? What would be a decent pick that is neither great nor horrible? One thing most Raider fans can agree on is the fact that the first round pick should be an offensive lineman or a defensive player that can improve the run defense. Will this be the year Davis makes a great first round pick? Or, is he going to give the fans another reason to moan and throw their beer at the T.V.? Let's take a look the best case, worst case, and good "Plan-B" choices.Begin Slideshow


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