Oakland Raiders Draft: Al Davis Shocks NFL, Takes Rolando McClain

It was always a possible, but never a probable.

Al Davis doesn't usually take linebackers in the first round, in fact only two in the entire Oakland Raiders history.

Raiders fans may have wanted an offensive tackle, and they may get one in he second round, but a lot of people will be happy with this pick by Oakland.

In a decade of first round busts, the Raiders have a taken a player at a position with the highest success rate in the draft— linebacker. They also got a high character guy, and a player who has played on a championship team.

McClain has the physicality and size to make a significant difference to the Raiders run defense, probably their biggest Achilles heel since their last Superbowl appearance seven years ago.

When you think where the Raiders could have gone with this pick, Bruce Campbell, Jimmy Clausen, or another defensive back, this pick makes a lot of sense.

What it also means is that Kirk Morrison may be done...or is he?

Not if the Raiders go to a 3-4 this year, which lot of their off season moves seem to indicate.

Whether the Raiders go 3-4 or not, fans should be happy that they have drafted a productive, high character player at a position of need.

We still need to address offensive and defensive lines, but I like this pick....a lot!

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