Oakland Raiders Draft 2010: Dreams, Nightmares, and Reality

Everyone has their theories on who the Raiders should take with the number eight pick, and with a number of acute areas of need on the team you would think that it wouldn’t be too hard to predict who will be the first player selected by Oakland.

If only it were that easy.

The draft is always unpredictable, and the Raiders the most unpredictable team of all.  I got it right last year with Darrius Heyward Bey, and I have made good predictions before with Robert Gallery and Michael Huff.  I was way off on Darren McFadden in 2008.

What adds to the difficulty this year is that after the first five or six players, there is no clear cut second in their group, and the picture gets rather hazy.  One thing Al Davis can’t afford to do is to waste another top 10 pick.  Right now we don’t have one next year, so we have to make this one count.

Whatever the Raiders press office put out, I don’t believe anyone in the organisation is happy with putting the franchise in the hands of JaMarcus Russell, and unless he improves significantly in terms of attitude and work ethic, he may be gone by opening day.  That’s the way I read the tea leaves right now.  If not, why the interest in McNabb?

Anyway, what that leaves is a possibility that the Raiders might draft a quarterback, and they have been rumoured to have significant interest in Tim Tebow over the last few weeks.  Al likes to shock the world, and although Tebow is not seen by most as a first rounder, my jaw won’t hit the floor if he goes to us at number eight.  I might scream and shout, but it wouldn’t shock me.

As for the likely wost/best scenarios, this is my take.

Dreams – Brian Bulaga – OT – Iowa.  There is a possibility for Bulaga to be available at number eight, and he is in my opinion the perfect pick.  He is a fantastic player at a d...

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