Oakland Raiders: Don’t Take It Personally, We’re Gonna Kick Butt

Have you ever heard stories of bullies who attack other children, and send them home in tears? If you are a parent, you probably pulled your child to the side, and gave him or her a good talk.

It may have gone like this: There are no wimps in this family. You get your tail back to that playground and if a kid attacks you, you protect yourself and fight back.

Now, that may not be right, but I admit that was what my father told my baby brother. And he learned to defend himself.

Well, the Oakland Raiders have been sent home crying far too long. It's time to kick a** and take names. Do you know what I mean?

I was a quiet girl, smart in my studies and not prone to trouble or fighting. One day at Bruce Elementary School in Houston, I was bullied and I got tired of it.

To the surprise of the "kid bully," I came back with some words that my mama and daddy would have been surprised that I knew. I talked bad, ya'll. Real bad.

The bully retreated.

Here is the point: Many of us, when you push us too far, we talk bad, real bad. And, if you keep it up, we just might surprise you and kick your a**.

Now, let's just apply this to my beloved Oakland Raiders.

Are you tired of the media talking all of that trash about how low we are on the totem pole?

Are you tired of going home to the family, giving a sad story on why the game was lost?

Are you fed up with the ridicule on these blogs and on the Internet?

Well, get out there in that draft and add some guys who know how to "kick butt and take names." Do you know what I mean?

I raised a 6'4", 300-lb. son who tried to challenge me before he got so tall and so big. I learned how to handle him because I was surrounded by some men who were once on the streets and played college and professional football, but now some of them are pastors, deacons and good men.


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