Oakland Raiders: Don’t Look Now, but the Silver and Black Have the Upper Hand

With a mind blowing victory over the Denver Broncos people still will not give the Raiders any credit. Don't get me wrong there has been a lot of compliments on behalf of the Raiders for there victory over the Broncos, but at the same time there is a under tone to it that makes me mad. 

It is not a fluke to beat a NFL team 59 to 14, it proves that one team showed up to play, and one team didn't.  It happens all over the NFL every week, it  happened in the New Orleans game against the Cleveland Browns, as the Browns went into the Saints home and danced all over their face.    

What is my point, my point is how can the 2-5 Browns be glorified like they just won the Super Bowl for winning their second game of the season, and the Raiders only get mentioned because the Broncos played bad.  Oakland has worked themselves into such a deep hole with the NFL, it will take a Super Bowl appearance to get people to believe in them again. 

You would think that one of the top stories around the NFL this week would be the slaying of the Denver Broncos, especially when the now defensive coordinator (Don “Wink” Martindale) of the Broncos use to be a defensive coach at Oakland.  . 

Lets talk about Oakland's true situation, the Raiders are in one of the best striking position in the NFL.  They have no expectations from anyone but themselves, and right now they sit at the top of the AFC west within a game and half of Kansas City. 

The team proved this week that they can play with any team in the NFL when they show up.  Even with the offensive line continuing to look like a baby's dirty diaper, and  players losing their patients with the organization, the Raiders are finding more then one way ...

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