Oakland Raiders: Don’t Let Anyone Change Your Mind About Them

Eight weeks ago professional annalist had plenty of negative comments about the Oakland Raiders.  You would think that professionals in the broadcasting business would know the difference between constructive criticism and disrespecting a player or team.

 Fans have a reason to talk out of turn, through out the off-season fans are sold on the idea that their home team is ready for a great season, and when that team does not live up to their promise, that makes fans very upset.

When players consistently hear such negative talk about them through out the NFL, like the Raiders have it is hard to keep a level head when responding to the media.  Especially when your talking to the same media that is crushing you on T.V. and in the papers .  The NFL holds its players to a high level of respect when responding to the media.  The only real way players can get back at all the negative comments from people is to perform well on the football field.  That is exactly what the Raiders are doing right now.

The reason I bring this up,  is in the last couple weeks in the NFL there have been numerous players on T.V. after games sounding like fools as they make up excuse after excuse telling us why they didn't win, or why their not happy with the organization. 

 Every Oakland Raider fan truly knows about the craziness that goes on behind close doors, and the players are on the for front of that craziness.  Some how players have to find balance between staying politically correct and blowing off steam when talking to the media. 

Watching  pre and post game interviews with the Oakland Raiders, I can tell you that there is not a classier group of players than in the locker room of the Raiders.  They sit and talk to the same reporters that criticism them in a mann...

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