Oakland Raiders Doing Little Things Right and Making Football Fun to Watch Again

The NFL is easily the most watched sport in the USA due to the entertainment value that it provides for the fans.  That same entertainment value that carries the NFL is also the reason the Raiders have had a hard time selling out McAfee stadium.  The Raiders have not provided good entertainment for the fans, or anyone else for that matter, until now. 

Sitting at 7-7, the Raiders have made football in the Bay Area fun to watch again.  I could sit here and write about Raider statistics all day but that wouldn't really tell you anything about the changes that the Raiders have made this year.  What I can tell you is how the Oakland Raiders have corrected many of their poor football habits. 

Football habits are considered to be the "little things" that separate the Pros from the Joes.  On the defensive side of the ball the little things would be getting lined up, good tackling and knowing your assignment. 

The offensive side it would be knowing the snap count, running the correct routs and establishing a run game.  It's the same with special teams, like holding your blocks until the whistle is blown, catching the ball and setting your offense or defense up with good field position.  All of these little things have to be done if a team wants any chance to win a game.

When it comes to "the little things," the Raiders have not set the best example, but they are easily the most improved in the 2010 NFL season.  Most people think that doing the little things comes from coaching, but I disagree.  Coaches can only give players the information, and from that point it has to come straight from the player.  I try and tell people time and time again that a player's mindset is everything in the game of football, and you can not coach that.


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