Oakland Raiders: Does Raider Nation Need To Prepare For More Media Lies?

The Oakland Raiders have had some struggles in the last seven years, to say the least.

While Raider Nation was being crushed at the sight of our beloved team losing, the media was loving every minute of it.

Constant lies were spread about the Raiders, including the ludicrous statement that head coach Tom Cable had been abusive in three previous relationships. The facts eventually came out and Cable admitted to striking his ex-wife out of anger 20 years ago. The rumors would die down and Cable was retained as head coach.

However, things in Oakland have changed. The Raiders had a highly successful off-season and media outlets such as ESPN have taken a 180 degree turn on the Raiders, even going as far as saying 8-8 would be the minimum for what they would have called a "dysfunctional" franchise just a year ago.

Now I'm wondering if we should be ready for an attack from the media?

There is no doubt that ESPN hates the Raiders. They have spread so many false rumors and even went as far as LAUGHING at Darrius Heyward-Bey while interviewing him. Just the thought of another rumor bringing this team apart makes me shudder. We can't be off guard, Raider Nation.

What I'm asking is, do you guys think there will be some heat from the media before the season starts, or are we the New England Patriots of this decade (they got so much love from the media last decade)?


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