Oakland Raiders: Detroit Lions Loss has Hue Jackson Soul Searching for Answers

Winning is the motivation of success in the NFL and the Oakland Raiders revealed they still have the will to win, but the team is falling fast into a dark hole and head coach Hue Jackson is soul searching to find a way to stop the madness of confusion within the team’s pitfall of three consecutive losses.

It's evident the Raiders' confidence as a team is floundering and the players are losing faith in their abilities to win as they squandered a 13-point lead over the Detroit Lions with seven minutes to play. The Raiders fell to the Detroit Lions, 28-27.

They’ve lost control of their destiny in the AFC West and once again let opportunity slip through their hands by failing to capitalize on the Denver Broncos' loss to the New England Patriots, 41-23.

The Raiders are full of disappointments and will eventually start finger-pointing in someone’s direction to take the blame for the team’s destruction. Most, likely it will be head coach Jackson’s responsibility for the dismal fourth-quarter meltdown in the game against Lions. He acknowledged that he sees many player assignments will need to be corrected.

“We didn’t do what we should have done. It was all set up for us to get done what we needed to get done,” Jackson said. “That’s the disappointing part to myself, to the team, to the fans and to everybody.”

The Raiders defensive scheme against Detroit wide receiver Calvin Johnson allowed him the opportunity of a career-high day with nine catches for 214 yards. It was a big surprise to Johnson that the Raiders would attempt to cover him man-to-man, when every other defensive coordinator in the NFL knows that’s not possible with the game on the line. 

“We saw a lot of one (man coverage) and we haven’t seen a lot of that this year,” Johnson said. “They threw some two (zone coverage) in the...

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