Oakland Raiders Defeat Kansas City Chiefs, Jacoby Ford Steps Up

The Oakland Raiders haven't won three games in a row since our Super Bowl run of 2002. Well guys...we've done it.

What was a penalty-ridden game, a sloppy game (filled with enough drops and miscues for a whole season) and a very close game turned out to be nail biter.

Jacoby Ford, you get your props here. Down 0-10 at halftime, Ford wasted no time providing a spark for the team, returning the opening second half kick 94 yards for the TD.

Things got more interesting late. In the fourth quarter, a very questionable call was made in which the Raiders "fumbled" on a punt return while up 17-13. It was obviously a dead play, but the Raiders were out of challenges. KC proceeded to march down the field and score the go ahead TD. Cassel connecting on a slant route with Dwayne Bowe.

The following Raider drive resulted in a punt with four minutes left, while only having two timeouts remaining. The defense stepped it up and got the ball back for Oakland. With no timeouts remaining, the Raiders had less than two minutes to march roughly 70 yards into FG range.

Once more, Jacoby Ford showed up. Recording a catch to convert the following first down on a 3rd and long. Then in the clutch on 1st and 15 with 24 seconds left, ball on our 48. Jason Campbell stepped up and with all his strength threw a lazer down the middle of the field to an out-of-position Jacoby Ford. Ford jumped into the air and snatched what likely would've been a game ending INT into a first down conversion. The Raiders spiked the ball and suddenly a 41 yard field goal could send us to OT.

Sebastian Janikowski had earlier missed a 41-yarder in this game. But when push came to shove, he knocked it through.

Overtime arrived and KC won the toss. After a stout defensive stop by Oakland, it was Raiders ball on their own 38. Once more Jacoby Ford went big...

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