Oakland Raiders: Dearest Mr. Allen Davis, Don’t Destroy the (Almost There) Team

Dearest Mister Davis,

This is a sincere attempt to reach out (through Bleacher Report) in hopes that your decision on the Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders be that of extending the contract of Tom Cable at least for one more year.

As a fan of The Raider Nation, we do make a commitment to excellence and understand your tenacity as well as the frustration that must be lingering above your head with the (recent) stagnant operations of arguably the NFL's most exciting team.

But we as fans (some of us) do want you to (re)consider bringing Mister Cable back, even if just for a year, so he can finish what he started as essentially this is a team he has invested time, energy and emotion into.

Yes, Oakland is NOT averaging a winning record, but neither did they when Jon Gruden took over—well, maybe the third year but still—this is work in progress! JaMarcus Russell was a bum that brought this team down, Jason Campbell has done the exact opposite and has put up decent numbers for a man who had to learn yet another offense.

Mister Davis, Oakland is almost there, we as fans are salivating for next season as we know that we could of easily been 12-4 if not for mistakes. Oakland IS a top-tier team, but small flaws need to be fixed before we can take the next step and join the big boys of the NFL.

I want to ask of you, please do not terminate Tom Cable; he's what Gradkowski was to the fans in the 2009-10 season: He's hope and change. He's the light at the end of the tunnel and even though his overall win/loss record sits at 3.2 percent, he's still done magical things with our Oakland team.

He did make a mistake when it came down to picking a quarterback and sticking with him, which he paid for by missing the playoffs; arguably, a simple missed field-goal that if Janikowski made against the Cardinals, we would be sitting as the AFC West Champions.

But that's neither here...

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