Oakland Raiders Could Take The Nazarite Vow To Regain Strength and Glory

Pep Talk to Maintain Power

Sacrifices benefit those who make them. Often, I think of men of valor and what they did to regain their strength and glory after being subject to criticism or ridicule.

Let's talk about Samson, a man who lost his strength and vision because he talked a little too much during his most private moments with a woman. He told his secret, his strategy, which made him a man of valor.

Once he was betrayed and his secret (his football plays and plans) were told to his opponent, he was blinded.

You probably know the story if only because you saw the movie years ago.

Let's just say, metaphorically, that the Oakland Raiders were blinded for seven years. Now, their strength is returning.

Now, some of us know that strength can be gained by focusing and sacrificing, even if it is just for a few weeks. I have the audacity to ask the Oakand Raiders to take the Nazirite vow for just a few weeks.

Afterwards, they will be able to rejoice at the wonderful feats that can be accomplished.

One piece of research says that taking the vow gives a guide for living a fulfilling and victorious life. It requires the Oakland Raiders and the Raider Nation to do the following: Put away hindrances; I might add, putting them away for the next few weeks.

This can be done in order that "something more might take place."

After seven years of struggle, after many years of ridicule by the media, after trolls insult so many on the Oakland Raiders page, it's only reasonable to put up a battle that is both physical and spiritual to overcome the awful "curse of losing" that has belabored a franchise that is destined for greatness.

What happened? Perhaps, something similar to what happened to Samson: A betrayal and a yielding to too many hindrances and temptations.

In plain language, there must have been a lack of true discipline, concen...

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