Oakland Raiders: Complete 2014 NFL Draft Wrap-Up and Analysis

The NFL draft weekend has wrapped up and the Oakland Raiders along with the Raider Nation should be very excited about the 2014 Raiders' draft class. Raiders fans have had to deal with too many bad experiences on draft weekend. Rarely are they ever excited about their draft class and then they have to hear how bad their drafting and team is in the media. That's not the case in 2014. 

This draft class for the Raiders has a solid mixture of players that can make an immediate impact right away and players that will be a part of their foundation for years to come. The Raiders came into this draft with many short-term and long-term holes on their roster that needed to be filled. It was important for them to be true to their board and always pick the best player available. 

When your team has a lot of needs, like the Raiders did, a lot of the players you draft will fill needs anyway. So taking the best player on your board is the only way to go. As you fill your roster and have certain positions set, you can focus more directly on drafting for need later. However, with free agency and injuries it's always a good thing to have some good players buried in your depth chart. 

When I looked at the Raiders roster heading into the draft I felt that they needed to find a quarterback and bulk up on both sides of the line of scrimmage. They also needed to add some depth at the secondary position, especially at cornerback. This draft just happened to fall in a way that gave Oakland almost exactly what they needed. 

Many felt the Raiders needed a wide receiver, but the draft never fell in a way that allowed the Raiders to take one. I also have confidence in their current group of wide receivers. Rod Streater, James Jones, Denarius Moore and Andre Holmes should have good years for Oakland. Now that the Raiders have added Matt Schaub and Derek Carr as well as improved their offensive line and running game, they should ...

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