Oakland Raiders Coaching Staff, ‘Pay Attention To Detail’ Please

So its only been one game however the Post Game analysis from the Coaching Staff sounds the same as last year's.  I keep hearing "we need to pay attention to detail".

What does this mean?  Who is this directed to?  Both Coaches and Players or just players?
Only Players who got burned or all players or all coaches?

What does this mean to the Raiders Coaching Staff really?  I would like to hear more about these so called "Details".

To successfully execute by paying attention to detail means to first know what detail to pay attention to. 
For the sake of this discussion lets say there are 3 primary areas where details should be paid attention.

#1) Basic Preparation Detail - Practice Fundamental Football Techniques (good tackling and blocking drills etc.)

#2) Game Preparation Detail - Study opponents film and work on plays during the week on the field.  The focus is to develop a specific game plan with intent to exploit the other team's weakness

#3) Real-time Detail - During an actual game, details which are dynamic in nature.  These are most difficult because they - unlike the 2 above - are often unplanned details which must be addressed during the game on the sidelines and on the field - sometimes during chaos and crisis.

             I would like to talk about #3 since to me, this is an ongoing primary weakness of ours.

Example #1 of Coaches need to pay attention to Real-time Detail - Be on top of Refs

Titans Jump snap count several times.  Coaches seemingly do not see it.  Therefore seemingly do not address it on the sidelines with either the officials or with the players.  It continues until the 3rd time and our QB gets his head taken off.  Coaches need to openly display disgust and outrage with the officials. ...

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