Oakland Raiders’ Coaching Heritage Spiced By Al Davis’s Persona

In the movie "Facing the Giants" the powerful scene depicting a coach shouting, "Keep going, don't quit. Keep going, don't quit," was poignant. It has inspired this writer to research the heritage of the coaching staff of the Oakland Raiders.

In some ways, the Oakland Raiders have been facing "giants" over the past seven years.

Now it's time to shout out and embrace a "keep going, don't quit" attitude in the coaching staff and in the team.

First, a look at the list of coaches would be enlightening, especially to some of the fans. Here is the list and the duration of each Raider's coaching career.

Years          Period            Name

2                1960-1961    Erdelatz

2                1961-1962    Feldman

1                1962            Conkright

3                1963-1965    Davis

3                1966-1968    Rauch

10              1969-1978    Madden

9                1979-1987    Flores

2                1988-1989    Shanahan

Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders