Oakland Raiders’ Coaches Need To Know Their Jobs From A Thru Z

There seems to be a cognitive gap in expertise of the Oakland Raiders' coaching staff. However, new coaches are being added so this gap is being addressed. All that is needed now is for the men to learn how to work together for one goal, victories for the Oakland Raiders.

Here is an example of what needs to be done.

In 1977 a lawyer named Jim Lemond hired me to work with him in a small construction company named Standard Development Corporation.

The company was owned by Mr. Mack H. Hannah who was a mentor to Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, who made historical speeches during the Watergate hearings.

Mr. Hannah would tell us that any leader of an organization or CEO must know his company from A to Z. Otherwise, Mr. Hannah who was 74-years old at the time, added that the CEO is not fully qualified to run the company.

This wisdom applies to the team of coaches for the Oakland Raiders. After looking at the experiences of many of the coaches for the Oakland Raiders it is evident that many of them have some type of coaching experiences, but there is no true dominance of NFL coaching experiences at all levels.

A couple of coaches have not missed the mark. They are Willie Brown, Lionel Washington, and Kevin Ross. These three men have a wealth of experiences as players in the NFL, and they have moved up the ranks.

If Mr. Hannah, who, by the way, was the first African American millionaire in Texas according to the records, had something to say, he would only approve the men who have moved up the ranks in the NFL, and who know the NFL from a to z, both in playing and coaching at various levels.

If there is a collective gap in experiences for the coaching team of the Oakland Raiders, it makes good sense to do what they are doing. According to some articles, they are adding new talent to the coaching team.

This is a sign of hope.


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