Oakland Raiders: Clock Goes Tick, Tick, So Who Is Your Draft Pick?

Larry Bell presented me with a copy of Sports Weekly.  He wanted his professor to be prepared for the beginning of the NFL 75th Draft, which starts tonight. Let's just say that I teach Bell and today, Bell taught me!

Well, doing my homework on the NFL draft is not an unpleasant task. Those of us who are fans of the Oakland Raiders are excited about the possibilities to improve the team.

Looking at the top 64 draft prospects, I am going to pick the best of the best, with speed being the major consideration.  Al Davis would be pleased with that criteria!

In fact, Rod, a football enthusiast, said,

"Last year, Al Davis burned himself and the Oakland Raiders by picking "speed" over Michael Crabtree.

"And, since they picked speed which was Darrius Heyward-Bey, I consider him a bust."

But the clock keeps ticking and we have another chance.

Here is a wish list

Ndamukong Suh (but he will be gone by the time the Raiders pick)

Gerald McCoy (He's probably going to be gone, too)

Russell Okung (He's probably going to be gone)

Bryan Bulaga (He's probably going to be gone)

Mike Iupati

Anthony Davis (He's probably going to be available)

Davis is an offensive tackle, and the Raiders need that position.

Some folks believe that Rolando McClain and Bruce Campbell would be a nice fit for the Oakland Raiders. That makes sense and both of them will probably be available.

There is even speculation that Mario Henderson would help be the answer to the problems the Oakland Raiders have been having. He could be our left tackle.

For three years, however, there has also been a problem in the right tackle position. This is where Davis can help.

The discussion around Kirk Morrison let's us know that help is needed against the run.

Now that Gerard Warren i...

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