Oakland Raiders Challenged To Shore Up and They Have Done It with Three Wins


Sometimes it is good to look back and see what was written and to measure how things have changed for the Oakland Raiders. The three consecutive wins are an excellent indicator that the Oakland Raiders are moving on up in the NFL.

The performance in the second half of the game on Nov. 7 was a good example of the drive and passion the Oakland Raiders demonstrated to get a victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Now what might the commentators be saying these days, Are they surprised? Are they dismayed? Are they converted to a more positive outlook for the Oakland Raiders in 2010?

Let's revisit a pep talk, inspired by the creative arts but certainly applicable to the game wars on the playing field.

One thing is certain: The Oakland Raiders' posture is strengthened and their powerful character on the playing field is getting the attention of the media and the Raider Nation. Their rank in the AFC West is much higher. Things are looking up.

The Article

If you like interesting movies, then you might have viewed Brad Pitt playing a character named Lieutenant Aldo Raine, the leader of the Basterds. Raine gave a briefing to several soldiers. The main message, as I perceived it, was "take no prisoners."

An application of this type of "shoring up" the Oakland Raiders so as to strengthen their passion and desire to win is what came to mind.

The movie is fantasy, but wisdom is embedded in the creative arts, if only you have eyes to see and ears to hear. I saw and heard something that I immediately applied to the Oakland Raiders.

In the last few days, the Oakland Raiders have been "shoring up" their defense. They are strengthening and designing a strategy for attack on the football field.

Now in moments of fantasy, I imagine a coach telling the team something that stirs up their passion to win the football war.

In the movie, Rai...

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