Oakland Raiders Cannot Dwell on Loss Against Miami Dolphins

In a game that the Oakland Raiders had to win, the team fell completely flat—utterly embarrassed by a Miami Dolphins team that had three wins entering Sunday’s contest in South Florida. In a game the Raiders needed to win, the leaders of the AFC West looked more like the bleeders of the West, as they left Miami hemorrhaging and looking anemic.

It was a must-win game because the red-hot Denver Broncos cannot be stopped, having won their fifth game in a row in another heart-racing fashion. Oakland (7-5) is now tied with Denver atop the division, but you could not tell that the Raiders were a first-place team.

It was a must-win game because the Raiders’ next opponent is the undefeated, unattainable and unflappable Green Bay Packers on Sunday afternoon at Lambeau Field. Should Oakland lose to the cheese-headed juggernaut, the Raiders would fall to 7-6 on the season and find themselves in a precarious position in order to secure a playoff berth.

The ups and downs of the Raiders’ season is a natural part of the NFL, but it’s particularly sea-sickening for a Raider Nation fanbase so accustomed to the ebbs and flows of their rebellious team. The lows of the death of owner Al Davis are matched by the high of an emotional road win against the Houston Texans. The high of a three-game winning streak into first place is balanced by a pathetic drowning at the hands of the Dolphins last Sunday. Through it all, the Raiders have been able to find just enough balance to remain a competitive team and legitimate postseason contender.

And yet, there has never been so much negative feeling surrounding a 7-5 team. With just four games left, it kind of feels like the Raiders are nearly capsizing.

How does the team explain to their fans what’s wrong?

Ultimately, there’s not much that can be explained with regards to the Raiders’ health. Oakland has had many of i...

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