Oakland Raiders: Can You Stil Blame JaMarcus Russell?

After watching what you watched on Sunday against the Titans, ask yourself this.  Did you give Jamarcus a fair shake?  Are you now going to start blaming Jason Campbell for not seeing the field or having the ability to feel pressure etc.   Should Jason Campbell be able to get rid of the ball in minus 2 seconds too?

 How about Marc Sanchez tonight and his 76 yards passing.  Is this what you call a good prospect?  How about Matt Casell 68 yard pass game tonight?

Are you out of all of your fat and lazy jokes?  By not knowing football, did you run our Franchise QB out of town by siding with the masses?

Those of us who know football, knew damn well and good our problem was - and still is with our Offensive Line.  If Tom Brady was our QB last year, he would have been knocked out for the season by week #4.  Jamarcus absorbed the hits and your ##*$$ abuse and kept on coming like a man.  Grad tore both knees and Frye stil cant remember his name.

Now we are in danger of losing Jason Campbell very early.  I am not kidding.  Our Oline is going to get him killed.

Why the hell do you think we we had 6 and 7 Offensive Linemen in the game at one time?  Have you ever seen this in the NFL?

Why in week 4 of pre-season do we take a future star Left Tackle, put him at Center and then decide on the fly that he will be the starter overnight?  The Center is the most important caller on the Line correct?  We give it this responsibility to a rookie week 4 of preseason?  I love Vandeheer and Bruce Campbell.  They should both start at bookends now. Walker should be a guard.  Sit Mario Henderson.  He has no confidence and his feet appear slow right now.  I am biased against Mario because he was a key player who visibly gave up when Jamarcus came in a game last year.  That is not the kin...

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