Oakland Raiders: Can The Offense Be Ranked In The Top 15?

Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders worked vigorously this off-season to add key components to the offense. On paper, the offense looks pretty good.

However, we have heard that off-season after off-season yet during the season Oakland's offense is a total failure.

Why should this year be any different? Here's a look at why it will be better, or why it won't.



No 1. In Jason Campbell, the Raiders have a legitimate Quarterback.

When I was watching day 2 of the draft, I had no idea that the Raiders had a franchise-changing trade like this up their sleeve (I had suspected Morrison would get traded, however). They gave up a 4th round draft pick for top-15 quarterback Jason Campbell.

Here is what Redskin writer Adam Hankins had to say about Jason: "My opinion is that Jason Campbell will never be an elite quarterback. Although he possesses all of the physical tools for greatness, he lacks the quick decision making and mental sharpness necessary."

"I do, however, believe that he could be a solid game manager in the right system. If a team surrounds him with enough talent, he can do enough to win games. He is a hard worker, and he is mentally tough, which are attributes the Raiders didn’t have in Russell."

He has plenty of talent around him, and he's also now in the correct system. My opinion is that J.C. can become an elite quarterback for the Raiders.


No. 2 Hue Jackson

Hue Jackson was hired by the Oakland Raiders to be the new offensive coordinator. He was previously the quarterbacks coach for the Baltimore Ravens, where he worked his magic with gunslinger Joe Flacco.

Jackson is described as a fiery coach who likes to talk trash to opposing defenders. He's already implemented more complex plays into the offense and is a definite upgrade over Tom Cable.


No. 3 Oakland ha...

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