Oakland Raiders Can Still Improve Their Roster Before the 2010 Season Starts

With all of the upgrades made to the Oakland Raiders roster over the 2010 off-season, there are high expectations for them this season. For many, the release of TJ Houshmandzadeh over the weekend was the opportunity for the Raiders to ensure that those expectations will be met.

As reports surfaced that Houshmandzadeh would be deciding between the Oakland Raiders and the Washington Redskins, it seemed like those fans might have their dreams come true. However, these hopes were shattered when Houshmandzadeh shocked the NFL by signing with the Baltimore Ravens.

Despite the Raiders' inability to land TJ Houshmandzadeh, there are still players available that could improve the Oakland Raiders roster this season.

One year ago this week, Mr. Davis and the Raiders unexpectedly traded for Pro Bowl defensive lineman Richard Seymour. Raiders fans should not be surprised if Mr. Davis pulls another surprise this year.

There are a number of big names who are still refusing to report to their respective teams as the result of contract issues. As the season is about to start, teams will need to either do something about these players' situations or else be ready to start the season without high quality players or compensation.This provides a team like the Oakland Raiders an opportunity to make a last minute trade that could have a serious impact on the season.

Of the big names still holding out, two, Marcus McNeil and Vincent Jackson, play for the San Diego Chargers. It is unlikely that San Diego would trade them to a division rival. Once you get past those two players, the best player still holding out is the Patriots Pro Bowl guard, Logan Mankins. Trading for a player the caliber of Logan Mankins would drastically improve the Oakland Raiders offensive line. What is now considered to be the Raiders biggest liability would suddenly become a minor concern.

While this trade seems unlikely to happen, i...

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