Oakland Raiders: Can Richard Seymour Be Our Dwyane Wade?

We all know what happened during Lebron’s one hour special called “The Decision”, yet what is it that got him to go to Miami?  It was the other superstar he once played with during the Olympics telling him that they just needed a couple more pieces and they all could get some Championship rings.  Dwyane Wade was behind the scenes making phone calls and trying to create a championship team overnight.

                So what does this have to do with football?  Richard Seymour could become this type of guy for the Raiders in the next offseason.  A bevy of Patriots players will be in free agency next year, and who’s to say Seymour couldn’t convince them to join him in Oakland to turn this team around. 

Seymour is a consummate professional, so there is no doubt in my mind he would be willing to make the calls and recruit for the Raiders, yet the major question is who would be on the other line?

I believe that he would call up the guys he tried to beat in practice every day, two guys who are on the other side of the line.  Those players are Logan Mankins and Matt Light, two great offensive linemen who the Patriots seem fine with letting go.

Raider fans realize the offensive line is one of the most unstable components on the team, and I’m sure Al Davis and the Raiders realize that as well.  Yet, if the Raiders were to get these two players then the line would be tremendously improved and could lead to a resurgence in the offense firepower the team formerly had.

Mankins has recently stated that he wishes to be traded and that the Patriots have lost him for good, so obviously he is not going back to the Patriots.  Al Davis, despite the media hating it, loves to pay players who perform well.  Mankins could realize this and realize that the Raiders are turning th...

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