Oakland Raiders: Can Oakland Regain Their Form vs. the Houston Texans?

Oakland Raiders, Houston Texans. Two teams who came into last week's game with high hopes.

Both teams left their games, shocked and stunned, for different reasons.

For the Raiders, the hope was that the team would win, go to 2-1 and put themselves into position to challenge the Chiefs after their bye week. For the Texans, the battle of Texas lasted slightly longer than Daniel Boone playing at the Alamo.

Both teams fell, the Raiders' loss was painful when Sebastian Janikowski couldn't hit any one of three attempts...including one with less than five seconds left on the clock.

But, as the Raiders go, when wins are few and far between, a game presents itself as a rallying point.

In past seasons, Oakland has seen wins in places like Denver, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay, giving fans something to warm the heart.

Houston, meanwhile has suffered the same problem. Some seasons the Texans looked primed to break out, getting off to shaky starts, then falling apart in the end.

Oakland's first win against the Texans, helped derail the teams' efforts to finally break the .500 mark, in 2008.

Houston would return the favor in 2009, beating Oakland big time by the score of 29-6.

Last season would mark the Texans' first season of finally broke the mark, improving to 9-7, falling just short of the post-season.

The Texans meanwhile this season started of impressively in their first two games, winning against the Colts and then "doing a Shanahan" to the Redskins.

The Raiders, after the loss to the Texans and a QB change at halftime against the Rams, were 1-1.

Now, Oakland goes against the Texans, featuring a known offensive power at Running Back, an offensive line that imitates Jekyll-and-Hyde, and a Defense that when it wants to be, stubborn when well-rested.

The Texans come into the game, looking at the three way tie in the...

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