Oakland Raiders Can Do This: Just Win, Baby!

Jason Henry, WE WON!!!!!


Jason Henry of MVN had his say about tonight's upcoming game. I say, however, that the Oakland Raiders will attack the Dallas Cowboys. I challenge the tone of the last sentence in Henry's article. He wrote:

"The Raiders may not scare any team on their schedule, but they have the tools in place to improve from last year's five-win season."

That comment alone is enough for some of us in the Raider Nation to say, "Scare the hell out of Dallas, put them on notice. The Oakland Raiders are on the rise and they are to be feared."

Henry can put his perceptions and projections out in the atmosphere and so can we.

Wouldn't it have been interesting if Henry had said that the Raiders will certainly scare the five teams they defeated in 2009, and since they have definitely improved, others, too, may tremble in fear? I added my twist to it.

Let the sound of victory for the Oakland Raiders roam through the atmosphere, and let it sound like the loud crackling of thunder before a torrential rain.

In my opinion, everything counts. This preseason game and its outcome can set the tone for the immediate future. A win tonight can shake the NFL, like a California earthquake.

Go Raiders!

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