Oakland Raiders Can Break the Spirit of the Broncos in 2010

In the hood, let's just say Harlem, when a brother puts his finger in another brother's face, that means he is tough enough to stand behind his words. And if he puts his finger on your nose, then you know the fight is on.

A Bronco fan got out of his fence and posted on the Oakland Raiders B/R comment strand. The research for today was almost finished until he put his finger on our nose, and stirred up some trouble.

Look at this and tell me if a Bronco fan can be overly confident in 2010. I don't think so.

Now let's do a little pattern recognition and see what we see. 

Yes, the Broncos started out strong in 2009, winning six consecutive times. But, they lost it and have two sequences of four losses each. Further the last sequence of losses occurred at the end of the season during the last four weeks.

The steam ran out of them. Their spirit got broken. They became lame and tame.

On the other hand, there was some fire in the Oakland Raiders, from time to time. After all, on the second encounter with the Broncos, Oakland defeated them by one point and shocked their limping, lame trot.

And if you look at the performance from weeks 10 through 16, the number of wins are the same.

So, as far as this senior writer is concerned, Oakland has a good chance of defeating the Broncos.

During 2009, Oakland never had four consecutive losses. But, the Broncos had that pattern two times.

So the next time a Bronco fan gets lost and clicks the wrong button on his computer, ending up on the Oakland Raiders B/R page, just know that the Oakland Raiders are ready to jump on your saddle and ride your back, break your spirit and send you back home.

Go Raiders!

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