Oakland Raiders Camp: Pre Preseason Thoughts on the First Days of School

The Raiders have the day off today as they prepare to travel for their Thursday night game against the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas is one of two teams to have already played in the preseason, defeating the Cincinnati Bengals 16-7 in last Sunday Night's Hall of Fame game to kick off the season.

As to be expected from the first preseason game, Dallas looked fairly sloppy on offense and managed only three field goals. The Cowboys' lone touchdown was an INT return by a rookie linebacker on a gift-wrapped spiral from Jordan Palmer. Dallas is a Super Bowl contender this season (so "they" say) and its defense looked pretty fierce. We should be able to garner a few things from tomorrow night's game in regards to the progress the Raiders have made from last season.

Thus far in camp, there have been some very encouraging signs that the Raiders will improve upon their recent futility. There have been a few setbacks as well. Here are some thoughts on camp thus far.


Jason Campbell is no JaMarcus Russell

And that couldn't be a better thing for the Raiders. Campbell is a highly motivated, hard working son of a coach with innate leadership ability who loves football and demands and receives respect from his teammates.

Quietly, he has come in and changed the culture at the game's most important position. Teammates are effusive in their praise for his study habits, knowledge of the game, respect for the team concept, and his Herculean work ethic, not to mention his downfield accuracy and ability to move in the pocket.


Campbell has made believers not only out of a Raider Nation, who desperately needed a new quarterback, but a team and coaching staff that had to be somewhat skeptical based on the perception of Campbell as a failure in Washington. A new start for both parties is just what is needed to inject some life into their respective seasons.
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders