Oakland Raiders: Call the Cowboys and Acquire Patrick Crayton, Today!

Every dog has its day, even the underdog. For the past few years, I’ve listened to NFL fans and analysts berate Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders.

“The Raiders are underdogs every week,” they said. “Oakland is where NFL players go to die,” they clamored.

But hunger, desire, discipline, and hard work have the Raiders primed to renew their throne as the beasts of the Bay.

The defense is set. The run game is revved up. The offensive field general, Jason Campbell, is focused and eager to prove that he is capable of leading the Raiders into the playoffs.

Over the past year, NFL insiders have disrespected Campbell, written him off, and the Redskins discarded him amongst the ranks of the misbegotten.

Then the Raiders took Campbell in, cleansed him of the Redskins muck, dressed him in fine silver and black raiment, and placed the Raiders crown upon his head. Then they instructed him to lead the once great Raiders Nation back to glory.

However, in order for a nation to transform itself, it must transform the entire world in the process—therefore, the Raiders Nation will shift the entire balance of the AFC West first by knocking the San Diego Chargers off the top.

But before that is done, the Raiders must assure the battle plans are drawn—check.

Next, the Raiders must equip themselves with adequate armament, which they have—save a piece or two. With the injuries to Chaz Schilens, the Raiders are in need of veteran leadership at the receiver position.

A few years ago, the Raiders brought in the flamboyant ego of Randy Moss, which turned out to be a bad relationship. In the age of prima donna receivers, wheeling overstuffed baggage in Gucci luggage, it’s imperative for emerging teams to find gritty, hard-working receivers to complement an upping coming franchise.

In my analysis of the Raiders need at wid...

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