Oakland Raiders: By Tuesday, We’re Still….Heading to Week 2

It's amazing what can happen in a short period of time.

From the time the final gun sounded in the Raiders Week 1 game with the Tennessee Titans, to the conclusion of the Chargers-Chiefs game, opinions have varied.

Sure, the Raiders lost. So did Denver and San Diego.

The Raiders went up against 2010's No. 1 running back and would have kept him under 100 yards, if they could have prevented a 76-yard TD run.

Denver's best chance, was when a fourth down pass to the end zone was hauled in, with the second foot hitting the line, marking a turnover on downs.

And the Chargers?

They were paired up against the Chiefs. Last year, the Chargers had the best record in the AFC West, and the Chiefs were last in the division.

Everyone heard the pundits saying that the Chargers were going to the Super Bowl, were going to be fine without LT, and weren't going to be hindered by the offseason circus brought about by the management tango.

Instead, San Diego's game died as Philip Rivers looked uncomfortable in Kansas City, playing in the rain.

So, where does this leave the Raiders, and how about the AFC West?

The Raiders could use a number of excuses for their failure against the Titans. Injuries mounted as the game went on. The offensive line was a nightmare. First week jitters.

Some positives can be gleaned from Week 1.

First and foremost, every team in the AFC West gets their shot to stop the Titans. So before anyone cackles about Chris Johnson, let's see how many yards he tears loose for against your club. He did this to teams all of 2009.

Secondly, it is way too early this season to think one game is going to decide a season. The Raiders are 0-1. Surprise, so are half the teams in the NFL, including three out of four clubs in the AFC West. Maybe the Lions should have been 1-0, but they're 0-1. You can start worrying at 0-2 o...

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