Oakland Raiders: Bruce Campbell Is Making a Case To Be a Top Eight Pick

Heading into the 2010 NFL combine, many people said Bruce Campbell was the fifth best talent at OT in the draft this year. Coming out of the combine, the Oakland Raiders, and more specifically Al Davis, could consider him the best raw talent of this year's offensive line class.

The 6’6”, 314 pound lineman from Maryland is making a case at the combine to prove that he is a better athlete than the other lineman at the Indianapolis complex this week.

Campbell benched the standard bench press weight of 225 lbs. 34 times, had an outstanding broad jump, and a great vertical jump. Then he followed up that performance with the fastest forty times (4.78) ever run by an offensive lineman…ever. His height, weight, and speed combination in correlation with his 36.5 inch arms and his potential are making Al Davis drool as we speak.

Campbell was previously expected by most people to be a mid-to-late first round draft pick. He went to school at Maryland…is this starting to sound like déjà-vu a little bit to anyone?

Last year, Al Davis adored Darrius Heyward-Bey’s height, weight, and speed combination so much that he didn’t even trade down in the draft despite the fact that almost everyone expected Bey to fall to the late first round, and possibly even into the second round if the Raiders did not draft him.

But Campbell is a different animal...kind of. One scout at the combine said, “He has the best body of anyone I’ve ever seen.” Campbell is a junior, so of course he has not fully matured at the position yet. The Raiders do not have a receivers coach turned head coach; they have an offensive line coach turned head coach. There is a coach available who is widely considered to be one of the best offensive line coaches in the league to tutor him and help him develop.

Campbell won the “Top Performer of Day One Award” at the comb...

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