Oakland Raiders: Break The Trend and Win The First Game Of The Regular Season

Alert and Call to Action

It takes a lot of time to look at permutations and new arrangements of the Oakland Raiders database. New issues are discovered as new arrangements are studied.

Look at this data and tell us what you see.

It seems that the Oakland Raiders have won only about 30 percent of the very first games of the regular season, from 1990 to 2009. That is two decades.

This is an alert because the pattern of behavior and level of performance are not acceptable, especially since the expectation of excellent performance for 2010 is far above that of previous years.

Here is the data:

Raiders Year L 2009 L 2008 L 2007 L 2006 L 2005 L 2004 L 2003 W 2002 W 2001 W 2000 L 1999 L 1998 L 1997 L 1996 W 1995 L 1994 W 1993 L 1992 L 1991 W 1990    

It is absolutely unwise to ignore the facts about a situation. Knowing the facts does not preclude building up the type of preparation and stamina to overcome whatever shortcomings that may exist.

Preparation for the 2010 season must remain both rigorous and intense.

May this article put the coaches and players on alert. Yes, there is a more positive attitude in the Oakland Raiders camp.

Whatever "hex" or whatever is on the Raiders in terms of losing 70 percent of the very first game during the regular season must be broken. Let's declare it broken.

Also, whatever we affirm vocally and verbally must be backed up with persistent and consistent preparation.

We know the facts.

We will combat the facts with powerful, aggressive preparation to break the former pattern.

Go Raiders! You can come from under the stronghold of defeat during the very first game of the regular season.

Be an overcomer, and win in 2010!



Article Source: Bleacher Report - Oakland Raiders