Oakland Raiders Blueprint: Take It One Game at a Time, and Don’t Hold Back

A day after the Pittsburgh debacle, the boo-birds were back out in force.

How could so many people instantly go blind to the last five weeks?

For one, the Raiders did have some help to their falling from grace on Sunday. Ben Roethlisberger's antics on Sunday did what Pittsburgh's offensive line couldn't do, neutralize Richard Seymour. For all their mouthy comments, I hope we get one more shot at Ben...just for some payback.

As for the Raiders, some problems that haunted the team are now being solved. Nnamdi Asomugha is healing up nicely, about 90 percent of normal, according to the Raiders' camp. Zach Miller should be more comfortable in the Raiders' offensive scheme, given his time out of the lineup with injury. One glaring problem though, was the loss of Trevor Scott, who can fill two different holes in the team's plans.

Jarvis Moss, a former Denver Bronco, was signed to try and address the hole at defensive end, while the Raiders are still looking at issues at WR. Chaz Schilens has gone from hopefully playing, to wondering if he'll ever play this season.

Oakland, in their own right has had an interesting season, with good efforts from a variety of players, anchored by the running game of Darren McFadden. Looking at the season, the Raiders simply need to take it one game at a time, and stick to what has worked best.

For this week's example, we see a team that is struggling to stay afloat in their own division, the Miami Dolphins.

Miami's first issue is the question on who is going to quarterback the team. Chad Henne took some snaps, while Tyler Thigpen, who has one victory as a starter in his career, was not impressive last week against the Chicago Bears. Ironically, his only win, was against the Raiders when he played for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The second issue, comes from a familiar name to Raider Nation, Brandon Marshall. When he plays well, as he did when lighting ...

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