Oakland Raiders: Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do When Titans Come After You?

One of my colleagues seemed appalled that the Oakland Raiders have only one fullback. Since the first game of the regular season is with the Tennessee Titans, I did some research on their fullback, Ahmard Hall.

It looks like Hall is a bad boy. He is a former U. S. Marine who did a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He helped the Titans rank high in 2008, and he is still on the roster.

He seems to be an expert at taking care of players like Chris Johnson. The Oakland Raiders need to toughen up if this man is an example of the bad boys on the Titans team.

Some analysts say that the trend is headed in the direction of making the fullback position extinct.

The use of spread formation and of multiple tight end sets has reduced the role of fullbacks in modern offenses.

One NFL analyst says, the use, primarily, of  "running from one-backsets or hybrid two-back formations (a second tight end lines up as a quasi-fullback), offensive coordinators have found ways to build a ground attack without using a traditional fullback."

Could Hue Jackson be pushing this plan?

It looks like the Oakland Raiders plan to function with only one traditional fullback.



In the spirit of studying the opponent, for example, let's ask a few questions.

1. Is that one fullback that the Oakland Raiders have of similar skills and preparation of a former U. S. Marine who has survived a military experience of Afghanistan?

2. As the Titans come flaming toward the Oakland Raiders with their "dagger" shaped "T" (symbolic and metaphoric example) are the Oakland Raiders manned powerfully to shield and protect their quarterback, wide receivers and others?

After looking at a global comparison of the Titans and the Raiders from 1978 to 2009, I already feel that the game that's coming up is going to be very competitive.


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