Oakland Raiders Aren’t Alone in Michael Bush Bidding War

When former Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable was let go at the end of the 2010 regular season, there was a sense among some Raiders players that Michael Bush had lost a close ally and therefore, his days in Oakland would be numbered.

As a four-year player, Bush is set to hit the open market as a restricted free agent and my not have the opportunities he wants as a feature tailback but he will get paid. A month ago, Bush was thought to be among those players that was least satisfied with the coaching change in Oakland. All-Pro punter Shane Lechler went on record saying the bruising running back was all but gone.

"I've already had a couple of players call me and say, 'What's going on? We thought he was going to be back,' “Lechler said.  “What it does is it's going to influence a lot of guys' decision on free agency. You're going to lose Michael Bush now, for sure. You're going to lose a bunch of guys that are great football players, and just because of this move."

Yet during Hue Jackson’s epic press conference, Al Davis found a way to respond—as only Al Davis can. "The halfback, McFadden and Bush," Davis said, "complement each other tremendously with explosion ..."

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"Bush brings that toughness to the secondary, I don't want to challenge certain teams in this league but by the third and fourth quarter, they don't want to tackle Bush in the secondary. They just don't want him. He's 250 pounds, power, speed, so that's a plus for us."

Give Davis credit, he not only wussified the Broncos, Chiefs and Chargers—all in a few sentences—but he left no doubt about his intentions of keeping Bush in Silver-N-Black.

However, keeping this tandem together could be costly for Davis—but with McFadden’s history of injury, it seems almost mandatory that Davis give Bush what he wants contractually ...

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