Oakland Raiders: Are They Heavyweights?

There are so many angles to look at when you study the Oakland Raiders? Let's talk about the heavyweights. Who are they?

The objective in this article is to get to know more about the Oakland Raiders, from every vantage point.

First, the current roster has 79 players. Since there are 11 men who start, you could say that there are seven teams within the roster. Just divide 11 into 79 and you get about seven teams, with 11 men on each of them.

The importance of a roster with 79 men might be that if someone gets injured, there will be a good replacement who could be sent into the game.

Now, the average weight of an Oakland Raider is 247 pounds. Langston Walker is indeed the heavy weight since he weighs in at 360 pounds. The man who weighs less than the other players is Swayze Waters who weighs in at 180 pounds.

The total weight for all of the 79 players on the current roster is more than 19,500 pounds.

Other interesting facts about the Raiders is that 11 of the men on the current roster are 28 years old.

The average age of an Oakland Raider is 25.9 years old. 

The youngest man on the Oakland Raiders roster is Rolando McClain. Here is his data:

No. 55 McClain, Rolando: LB, 6'3", 255 lbs, 20, R, Alabama

He weighs 255 pounds, and he is a 6'3" rookie from Alabama.

McClain is the youngest man on the team, but his weight is above average.

Getting to know the players on the 2010 roster is a good thing.

To paraphrase an old saying, "To know the Oakland Raiders is to love them."

Go Raiders!

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