Oakland Raiders Are Sinking Fast: Can They Stay Afloat in the AFC?


 The Oakland Raiders’ Pirate ship has been holed below the water line and is sinking fast. Trying to sure up the holes won’t do anymore–there is too much structural damage.

Ahead, roaming the AFC seas, there are two rival craft, in much better shape and determined to finish off the good ship Silver-and-Black. They are hell-bent on reversing the victories the S&B inflicted a little while back.

The Raiders look doomed. The “jolly roger” is flying forlornly from the mast and there is talk of mutiny amongst the crew.

Second year man Mike Mitchell puts it quite bluntly: "Is everyone going to decide that we're done (expletive) around, and are we going to play?"

There appears to have been much (expletive) around since Oakland’s hot spell, when they racked up victories over Denver, Seattle and Kansas City.

Perhaps it started when they were all given shore leave following the win against the Chiefs; perhaps they bought into their own hype.

The 2010 Oakland Raiders have flattered to deceive. We thought they had reached their nadir against the 49ers and the penny had finally dropped. Suddenly there was life, there was hope, there was even expectation.

But like a cheated lover, just two weeks later, the Raider Nation is left wondering–was any of that for real?

I feel so sorry for coach Tom Cable. He is a likable guy. He has sound beliefs in how to turn the Raiders around–draft well, stay loyal, bring in veteran leaders, stick together and grow piece-by-piece. He has decent coaches around him and what appears to be a very talented roster.

Yet somehow, it still isn’t working. There appears to be no end is sight. Despair has returned to the Raider Nation.

This is not a minor set-back on the Raiders voyage to recovery. Last week against the Steelers was a set-back, a reality ch...

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