Oakland Raiders Are Playoff-Bound and These Players Will Lead Them There


The Oakland Raiders believe they have everything in place to win the AFC West and make the playoffs. These 5 players will assure that the Raiders succeed this year.

1. CB Nmandi Asomugha

Asomugha will do everything on defense this year expect blitz quarterbacks. In 2009, opposing quarterbacks threw at Asomugha only 28 times. With Asomugha playing the #1 WR, look for more interceptions from the Raiders Pro-bowler.

 2. TE Zach Miller

Zach Miller led the Raiders in receiving last year. Expect the same this year. Jason Campbell will have Miller on his radar the entire season. And Campbell is an expert in maximizing his tight-ends.

 3. LG Robert Gallery

Gallery is the best offensive linemen on the roster. He dominated Tommie Harris last week and expect him to dominate most of his opposing defensive linemen this year. For the Raiders to be a smash-mouth running team—they need Gallery healthy and if he stays healthy, the Raiders run game will flourish and Gallery might make his first Pro-bowl.

 4. DT Richard Seymour

Richard Seymour is the best and most experienced defensive linemen. He will be double-teamed most of the season. The double teams will allow the Raider pass rushers to stalk opposing quarterbacks this season.

 5. QB Jason Campbell


Campbell is a proven leader who will be tasked to manage the offense. He will not be asked to throw 3 TDs a game, but he will be asked to keep the chains moving to rest the defense and score TDs in the red-zone.

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