Oakland Raiders Are AFC West Bullies, Kansas City Chiefs Are AFC West Champs

The Kansas City Chiefs are on the way to the playoffs for the NFL 2010 season. But if one were to see the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, they'd swear it were the the Raiders going to the playoffs as the AFC West champs.

It is very disappointing for Raider Nation to see the Raiders not win the AFC West and enter the playoffs because they had their chances. However, the Raiders did emerge as the bullies of the division as they finish the season 6-0 in AFC West play. 

Only two of the six games were really close.

The 5-0 mark the Raiders posted in the division was ignored by most of the media coming into Sunday. Some of it was the Raiders fault, dropping four of their last six games going in.

The other part of it was the the play of Matt Cassell and Jamaal Charles against a weaker schedule. Those games against the weaker foes led most of the media to believe Charles was Barry Sanders and Cassel was Tom Brady 2.0.

I understand the statistical sexiness the two had built up but stats are sometimes deceiving. They should rank football teams the same way they rank boxers.

Being undefeated with a high percentage of knockouts is sexy but you're nobody until you fight somebody.

Turn the page to see how this applies to Sundays game.

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