Oakland Raiders Are a Lineman and a Leader Away From Contending in 2011

Tom Cable is finally gone. Too bad it's too late.

The Raiders once again had the talent to compete in 2010, despite having Curly Howard as their resident leader for the ENTIRE 2010 campaign.

Sorry guys, I slept through this suspense-less drama of a season. I didn't need to see the Raiders best playmakers mysteriously ride the pine for half the season (you name 'em).

Why did Chaz Shilenz come back? Did he purposely do that to piss me off? Could it be that Kirk Morrison had a better rookie year than Rolando McClain? Maybe be it's the scheme the Raiders play that makes their run defense easier than Bruce Gradkowski's shoulder joint. Maybe that didn't make sense.

Is it me, or is Chris Johnson way better than Stanford Routt? Nnamdi Asomugha, where are you?

The Raiders pass protection still sucks way worse than the Patriots does. And for that reason, they won't beat them in next year's AFC "Tuck Rule" Championship rematch in Oakland.

That is unless they do the right thing and grab the Man. The Man who will lead the way and protect Jason Campbell-soup can. The Raiders MUST pick up an elite O-lineman if the slow and steady Campbell will remain the gunslinger in Oakland.

The Gradkowski era should be over. The Raiders may keep him on to entertain the young girls of Raider Nation, but his days on the field in Oakland are over, as the Raiders plan to draft an unnamed seven year old girl from Wisconsin with a stronger arm.

Which leads me right into Bruce's accomplice, Tom "Knyuck Knyuck" Cable.

See what happens when you give the ball to your best player, Tommy? He helps your QB to stay alive and not be ostracized by the pundits and kicked out of the NFL. About time McFadden gets the rock after two years of misuse and abuse.

Not only was Cable not a good coach but he was not a good leader.

With his '10 scapegoat already gone, there was no o...

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