Oakland Raiders: Another Big Offseason Move Coming From Al Davis?

The first couple days of NFL free agency have come and gone.

The big names are coming off the free agency board fast, and Al Davis and the Raiders have yet to make any big signings. Davis has made headlines by signing Sebastian Janikowski to a record deal, and by franchise-tagging Richard Seymour earlier in the offseason.

These were very important to get done and they were the correct moves. Last year, Davis surprised everyone by keeping two other key players, Nnamdi Asomugha and Shane Lechler, on the roster. This shows that Davis' priorities are to keep and take care of his own players on his roster first, before looking to spend elsewhere.

This of course doesn't mean Davis is content with staying behind the scenes and letting every other owner upstage him this offseason. Each of the last two offseasons, Davis has brought in a big name player via trade.

Deangelo Hall and Seymour were guys no one really expected to be Oakland Raiders before Davis acted. Though Davis has some big contracts on the books, there is also some money to be shed from aging or under-performing players.

There are some interesting players available in free agency that the Raiders could use, as well as players from other teams that perhaps Oakland could trade for. Adding a WR, G, DT, or LB wouldn't be a bad idea by any means.

Look for rumors to start flowing about the Raiders and a veteran wideout shortly. Javon Walker should be cut, and this will bring a need for a veteran receiver. Derrick Mason, Terrell Owens, and even Antonio Bryant could be names that are linked to the Raiders.

Arizona DT Bryan Robinson would be a player worth taking a look at as well as guards Chester Pitts and Bobbie Williams to bring depth and competition to the offensive line.

As far as a trade wild card for Davis, I think looking at Packers LB A.J. Hawk for a third rounder wouldn't be a bad deal. Keith Bullock would be...

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